The New Frontier of Forex Trading Tutorial: Videos

Until a few years ago, the relatively low number of brokers that offered forex trading services allowed the brokers themselves to find new customers with limited marketing efforts. Nowadays, the competition has become really high in the world with new aggressive players that are trying to displace those who had gained significant market shares.

This competition has led many brokers to push on marketing, especially the multimedia one, in the attempt to capture new customers also in emerging markets that are appearing latterly. At first, brokers have attempted to attract new traders offering low spreads and an increasingly larger range of products to operate on, but out of this, due to the high competition, now players in this sector are focusing on the educational as a real persuasion weapon.

Trying to increase the preparation and culture of new customers (experienced or not) via online forex trading tutorials has been a move that has allowed the pioneers of this marketing method to retain customers through an integrated and diluted over time package of training and theoretically winning trading tools and techniques. Customers are curious to follow the contents that each week the broker is able to provide to build up their skills.

In recent years, however, the technological innovation and the increasing speed of data transmission on the web have provided a further acceleration to this phenomenon by shifting contents from simple .Pdf files gettable via a download to real forex video tutorials.

Verbal communication is quite more effective than the written one and the ability to pack a certain number of episodes dedicated to forex tutorials makes the ability of the broker to capture the attention of the client or the potential one much stronger.
Most forex video tutorials are packed with technologies accessible from any device (also tablets and smartphones), relying in many cases on the YouTube network and the broker must be able to provide these videos in different languages ​​in order to optimize costs (the video is always the same)  but dramatically increase the audience of users.

The video sections that can never miss are:

  • A tutorial part dedicated to the use and benefits of the supported trading platform; so: how it has to be installed and set before and during its use, how to enter, execute, and close orders;
  • A section for beginners and what each user has to know to start making forex trading. In this section the terminology and the basic characteristics of the forex are explained, but also the basics of trading systems, technical analysis and money management;
  • A section dedicated to the most advanced traders that discuss more complex trading strategies and capital management.